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Green Hornet Annual

Dynamite Entertainment

Publication year for the issue

2010: 1
2012: 2

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Green Hornet Annual #1, 2010

Green Hornet Annual #1

Title: The Straight and Narrow
Story: Phil Hester
Art: Carlos Rafael
Michael Netzler
Josef Rubinstein
Date of publication: 09.2010
Publisher(s): Dynamite Entertainment
Price: $ 5.99
44 pages, color

Green Hornet Annual #2, 2011

Green Hornet Annual #2

Title: Deadline Pressure
Story: Mark Rahner
Art: Ronan Cliquet
Title: Murder in the Offing
Story and art: Bert Whitman Associates
Note: Reprint from The Green Hornet Comics #1 (1940)
Date of publication: 02.2012
Publisher(s): Dynamite Entertainment
Price: $ 4.99
44 pages, color