American Comic Books

About the site
... or 'Why I'm wasting my time with this'

Why am I doing this? I like a good story in general, and I like comics in particular... and I like the idea of preserving cultural heritages, building cross-cultural bridges, and adding something new to the Internet... and sites like this is the perfect combination for nerds like me.

WeirdSpace - a little history
I started back in 2003 with a basic idea about what I wanted to do. As the site evolved I started including elements that made sense to include, e.g. public domain texts and comic book indexes. As the elements started getting some bulk, they also started becoming popular. At the same time it made the general site structure messy, so after considering the pros and cons for some time I decided to split the site up in two parts. The .dk site would go back to its original idea as a historical site while the .info part would be the bibliographic/digital library site. This was in 2012. One year later, the parts with the Danish and the American comic book indexes had grown to a size where it made sense to split them off and let them have their own dedicated sites.

The WeirdSpace Initiative/Making knowledge available
This site i really just an extension of the WeirdSpace Initiative I started back in 2007. The scope of the initiative has expanded since I started, but it really boils down to this: get some information out there, across cultures and borders, let's make some diversity and knowledge available for those who want to seek out new experiences or reconnect with the past. This particular site is about American Comics, which is one of the types of culture I've enjoyed as long as I can remember.


Michael Pilgaard
Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013