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Ape Entertainment's Comic Spectacular

Ape's Free Comic Book Day-issue for 2007.

Ape Entertainment

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2007: No number

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Ape Entertainment's Comic Spectacular, 2007

Ape Entertainment's Comic Spectacular

Athena Voltaire: Mask of Naga
Story: Steve Bryant
Art: Steve Bryant
Colors: Chad Fidler
Jason Millet
MAKAMA/Fred Vigneau
Letters: Steve Bryant
White Picket Fences: Monster in the Classroom
Story: Matt Anderson
Eric Hutchins
Art: Micah Farritor
Colors: Micah Farritor
Letters: David Hedgecock
The Goblin Chronicles
Story: Troy Dye
Tom Kelesides
Art: Collin Fogel
Colors: Dustin Evans
Letters: David Hedgecock
Teddy Scares: Cherished Memories
Story: Jim Hankins
Art: Matt Wendt
Colors: Dustin Evans
Letters: David Hedgecock
Go-Go Gorilla and the Jungle Crew: Free Comic Book Day!
Story: Chad Lambert
Brent E. Erwin
Art: David Hedgecock
Colors: Scott Schomburgh
Letters: David Hedgecock
Bizarre New World: Blind
Story: Skipper Martin
Art: Tone Rodriguez
Colors: Wes Dzioba
Letters: Wes Dzioba
Date of publication: 05.2007
Publisher: Ape Entertainment
Price: $ 0.00
36 pages, color