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Due to the nature of comics, it is impossible to make a complete list of the published U.S. comics... however, that shouldn't stop someone from trying to trying to make a useful list, preferably one which is as close to being complete as possible. If someone should feel like contributing with information and scans, I can be contacted by e-mail (look further down). For security reasons (i.e. I don't have the energy for cleaning up after spammers and scammers) the site isn't open for everyone to upload directly to the site.

Michael Pilgaard

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Publisher/imprint list

1 Yet Publishing
803 Studios

Abstract Studio
Acclaim Comics
Action Lab Comics
Airwave Comics
a.k.a. Comics
Antarctic Press
Ape Entertainment
Ape Nation
Arcade Comics
Arcana Studio
Ardden Entertainment
Asylum Press
Atlas Comics
Avatar Press
Awesome Entertainment
Axis Comics

B.A.D.D. Press
Big City Comics
Big Dog Ink
Big Entertainment
Black Bull Entertainment
Blue Comics Ink
Broadway Comics

CCP Comics
Chaos! Comics
Code 6
Creative Impulse Publishing
CrossGen Entertainment
Crusade Entertainment

Dark Horse Comics
Dark Ocean Studios
Daystar Studios
DC Comics
Death Moon Comics
Devil's Due Publishing
Draxhall Jump Entertainment
Dreamsmith Studio
Dynamite Entertainment

ECV Press
Event Comics
Exiled Studio
Extreme Studios
Eye of the Storm

First Comics
Firstlight Comixx
Flypaper Press
Full Bleed Studios

Good Comics
Gud Fit Entertainment

Hall of Heroes
Harris Comics

Icon (Marvel Comics)
Image Comics

Jackalope Pictures
Joe's Comics

Kevlar Studios

Lockett Down Productions Publications
Lone Star Press

Maximum Press
Moon Base Comics

Night Wolf Graphics

Octomica Entertainment
Onrie Kompan Productions
OSSM Comics

Pen 2 Paper Entertainment

Single Edge Studios

TalcMedia Press
Tekno Comix
TidalWave Studios
Titan Comics
Top Cow



Zenescope Entertainment

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