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Darque Passages

One-shot. Not a regular comic, but a story with illustrations.


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1994: 1

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Darque Passages #1, 1994

Darque Passages #1

Story: Seaborn Sanderson
Art: Kathryn Bolinger
Winston Blakely
Bernard Chang
Simon Erich
Elim Mak
jenifer Marrus
Jade Moede
Phyllis Novin
Tom Ryder
mike Vosburg
Andrew Wendel
Paul Autio
Ken Branch
Mike DeCarlo
Bob Layton
Gonzalo Mayo
Colors: Mike Cavallaro
Simon Erich
Mike McGuire
Jade Moede
Wanderlei Silva
Date of publication: 01.1994
Publisher(s): Valiant
Price: $ 0.00
12 pages, color